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Increase Sunlight Into Hutch?

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Nov 15, 2014
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Hi, apologies for the odd question.

I have 2 large hutches that I have added plywood and insulation to all sides off, including parts of the front to make them cosy. They have 24 /7 access to their secure, attached run. I would like to improve the light into the hutches, so would like to replace some of the plywood into the front with some sort of see-through material. Any ideas?
Hmm... You could possibly use glass, like plexiglass or something else.
Sorry, I don't really know of that many see-through metals! :)
As above, perspex or polycarbonate. I would make it as a removable cover for the wire (assuming the hutch has a mesh front) so it can be taken off in summer.
Thank you, will have a look in Homebase. Great to have a named product that I can ask for.

Hadn't thought about making it a removable cover - that's a brilliant idea! The wire mesh is still in place across the front panels. Will let me reduce tempature when the warmer weather comes in.

My hutches have a layer of insulation across the top, back, sides and bottom, and a tarp over the top. One of my hutches had a layer of plywood added to top, back, sides, roof, and floor, - I bought it new as it was £99 for a double level 5 foot by 2 hutch, but it was flimsy, and the poor pets would have had hypothermia on a cool summers night.

My best purchase ever has been a heavy duty staple gun - goes through plywood, as well as everything else. Makes all my hutch work super easy!
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