Introducing Tyreese And The Late Waddles

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Jan 2, 2015
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Ontario, Canada
Here are some pictures of our boys. Waddles passed away last night. I just joined this group yesterday in search for some support with Waddles, who we knew was nearing his end at the time. I am thankful for this forum and the wonderful love I've received during this difficult time. Tyreese is doing well today with a good appetite, but he does seem a little out of sorts without his cage mate. Here are some of my favourite pictures of our boys.

IMG_6747-6852(rev 0).jpg
This is Waddles. I just love his colours. He was four when we adopted him. He was gentle and passive

IMG_6553-6680(rev 0).jpg
Tyreese will only lie on his back for our 17 year old daughter. He has really bonded with her.

IMG_6440-6575(rev 0).jpg
The boys wish you a Very Merry Christmas...

IMG_8363(rev 0).jpg
... and Tyreese's wishes you a Blessed New Year!

IMG_8059-6217(rev 0).jpg
Waddles was showing off my birthday bow.

IMG_7249(rev 0).jpg
Because we adopted Tyreese from birth and Waddles at 4 years of age (both with in a month of each other), Tyreese was much smaller in the beginning.

IMG_2786-10374(rev 0).jpg
Soon, Tyreese was growing and catching up to Waddles. Waddles is on the left. Tyreese is on the right. They love snuggle time.

IMG_7381-7557(rev 0).jpg
Waddles celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

IMG_9181(rev 0).jpg
This was taken at our one year anniversary of adopting Tyreese and Waddles. We know Tyreese's date of birth, but not Waddles, so we celebrate both of their birthdays in May.

This was taken last night, Tyreese really made Waddles seem more comfortable. He kind of looks sad, doesn't he? Poor Waddles. He is in a much better place now. Thanks to everyone for your support.
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