Introduction Success, Everyone In The New Cage Together!

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Feb 21, 2012
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The big introduction was today between my two 3.5 year old girls and the new baby girl piggy...they were all introduced in their brand new cage, new territory for everyone. The introductions went better than I could have hoped for...I guess the new piggy is so small neither girl thought she was any threat at all. It was great fun to watch, as the baby pip pip pipped pip (made those little chuttles they make when they are happily exploring, intermixed with her submissive little baby wheiks) and just bubbled over with energy and joy, and literally just zoomied and pop-corned circles around the old girls, who looked at her like "what the heck is that thing? and why is it moving so fast?" The most aggressive things that happened was the dominant one giving her a little nose poke in the butt...but she also soothed and nuzzled her neck, and the baby seemed really interested in the dominant old girl. My older submissive piggy hasn't really even been too interested either way in the new baby...a couple little pokes to her rear, but absolutely no rumble strutting, teeth chattering, rumbling, vibrating or anything.

more on the new cage later, but for now, all is well in piggy town!

Here is a picture of the new cage before introductions (they were introduced without pigloos or whatnot but with 2 water bottles and 2 hay piles (the hayrack and a pile of hay in a bowl) and 2 separate pellet bowls...
brand new cage.jpg

And here is a picture of all three girls, of course not one face can be seen, but this is the best I was able to get so far....the baby has a plastic shoe box only she can get into...but she hasn't been in there unless she is sleeping, otherwise she's out eating or zooming...
all three piggies.jpg
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