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Is My Girlies' Cage Too Cluttered And Crowded?

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Ruby Inferno

Teenage Guinea Pig
Sep 18, 2014
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England, UK
My beautiful pair of girls, Icicle and Pebble, live in a Skyline Maxi XXL cage which is 120 by 60 cm. Have I put too much stuff in it?

This is the general overview of the cage, Pebble can be seen in the top-right corner, eating hay. :)

This is the area on the left. As you can see it has their food bowl, water bottle, a chew toy made from vegetable starch, a newspaper forest, a DIY Cheerios box tunnel, and a few wooden chews on the floor (I should get some sisal string or something similar so I can hang them from the ceiling!).

And this is the right side of the cage! It has their hay rack (which came free with the cage), a DIY cardboard litter tray which is to help contain all the hay in one area to make the cage look cleaner, and I store the cuddle towels on top of the cage because they're nice and warm for them to sit under.

Just want to clarify, I took these photos straight after cleaning them out which is why it looks so tidy. Both piggies were hiding in the tunnel (other than Pebble in the first photo), probably sleeping.

I did post a picture of the cage when I first got my girlies a few weeks ago, but it has since changed. For example, they used to have a Rosewood Boredom Breakers Carrot Cottage, but the girls were so determined to be as naughty as possible they kept flipping it over and sitting in it, I had to throw it away because it got a bit smelly, they used it as a toilet! :))

Also please excuse the cardboard on the walls of the cage, it prevents them from flicking poo and bedding outside of the cage, which happened a lot before I put up the cardboard.
That looks perfectly fine, they still have plenty of running room and I love your Forrest. My girls turn their carrot cottsge upside down as well. No idea how they manage it tho?!?!?
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