Is my housing ok?

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i have 4 girls holly and meggie are 1 there cage is outside its a double tier cage - becuse we use to have 2 rabbits but both died we got them a 2 tier cage so there have more room but the first one we got the floor on the bottom teir was dipping so tere gave us a nothing one and said we can keep the first one so when i got holly and meggie we tired to see if there would go up or down the ramp but there wouldnt so there have the run of the top of it

i put newspaper down to soak the wee up and than i put hay on top i do this thought out the cage in the winter there like lots of hay to hid in and to make beds etc - the cage is under a carport there have 2 big thick cutains what i put over the cage at night and in the winter to keep them warm

my 10 week old girls lilly and molly are in the same type of cage as holly and meggie but theres isnt under the carpart as theres no room for it so theres is at the over side of the car port there have t=newspaper and hay like holly and meggie but there have 4 diffrent thich cations and old bed sheets what i put down in the winter and at night i have the old cartians and black the whole around the cage - at the frount of it and sides so wind cant get in with them not beening under the carport

is this ok?


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Aug 9, 2006
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I know quite a few people keep their piggies outside with no probs, it sounds ok to me, I think it's the draughts that can cause problems so try to eliminate those which it sounds like you're doing. Perhaps you could save up for a couple of snugglesafes for them to go in their sleep compartment at night to help keep them warm through the coldest weather?


what are snugglesafes do you have a pic of one of them

my older to dosit underneath the hay and wrap themselfs up in it when its really cold
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