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Is My Introduction For My Guinea Pigs Going Ok?

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Nov 12, 2014
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United Kingdom
I recently introduced my guinea pigs. As I rescued my first one from a friend who couldn't have her anymore. So I decided she needed a friend so I bought a baby female. They're both female, and I introduced them in a neutral setting and it seemed that the older one (Peppa) was just popcorning about, chasing her and sniffing her behind, I watched this for an hour and the younger one (Peaches) just seemed submissive and wasn't bothered. I then put them in a fully clean bigger cage for two guinea pigs and Peaches is just in her tube while Peppa is wondering about. I just want to know if this is a good thing or bad, as other sites I looked at didn't include what a successful introduction would include and so on! Thanks!
Update: they're both huddled together in the fleece tube. I just generally want to know if the dominance is sorted. As one is 2-3 months and one is around 1 month old. Thanks again!
It all sounds very positive. Sorting out the hierarchy can take a week or so but everything is going well. They have accepted each other.
It sounds like they are very happy with having company, but you are likely to see some dominance in the next few days and weeks as they establish a hierarchy. It should be on the mild side and nothing to worry about even though you are not going to enjoy the behaviour. Unlike you, the two girls have the manual and know what they are about - and they know that dominance has nothing to do with how good friends they are going to become.
This thread here is listing the behaviours that you are most likely to see: http://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/threads/sow-behaviour.38561/
That's good then! I'm just hoping the older one stops following the baby around when she comes out for food, but I am guessing Peppa is just too excited!
Make sure that you have two bowls and hideys, ideally at least a body length apart. Part of the dominance phase, which can last from a few days to several weeks is chucking the underpiggy our of prime places as a power gesture.
Ok thank you! I have a fleece tube and a big igloo so hopefully peppa will leave her in peace. I also have two bowls! Thanks!
Good thing you have two. My boys would never cuddle together, you're the lucky one who had an easy introduction! The first night I introduced them I freaked out and separated them, but they were still more aggressive than that.
Nice thinking, getting another one. My Bacon was 1 year old (I got his companion for his birthday!) and Eggs was 1 month when I got him.
Hope everything continues to go well, Good Luck!
They don't cuddle too much but it's still early days :) Peppa is just still popcorning about and following her so I'm guessing she likes her guinea pig present! I'm not surprised you freaked out as I hate to think it would stress them or they could fight! I love the names by the way! Very cute! :) and thank you!
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