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Is My Piggie In Pain?

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Sep 30, 2014
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Today when I got Cinnamon in she was squeaking and kicking out to the side whenever i touched her back legs or lower back! Do you think she is in pain and if so what could it be?
It is possible, if you are concerned I would get her checked by a vet. She may have hurt herself leaping about, or it could even be a skin issue. Does she usually let you touch her legs and lower back?
Well I haven't had for that long but she has been letting me I think it's probably just she banged her leg or maybe she is just a bit nervous still?
Hi Loverolo
It's very difficult to advise without more information on her history and your location.
If you haven't had her for long, and she is a young piggie then it is possible there is a skin infection brewing ...most likely mange mites if her lower back is affected.
If she were an older piggie - this type of reaction can often indicate urinary problems (specifically stones in the upper urrinary tract)

Without further details all I can say is
a) well done on noticing the change in behaviour
b) please take her to a recognised cavy-savvy vets for a diagnosis and treatment.

If you let us know your location we can point you towards a good vet.
Definitely go to a vet with her. If you think she can have some kind of pain is always better to check it as soon as possible. Plus if she has been with you for not too long its always nice to get a vet appointment to make sure everything is ok (even if there's nothing wrong).
Cinnamon is about 3 or 4 months old now x I checked her skin and I can't see anything and also Nutmeg her sister is showing no symptoms, so I think I will just observe her and handle her a lot over the next few day and see if their is any improvement x thank you everyone x
If I'm not wrong, there are some kind of mites that are not visible to the human eye. So if you're going to observe her, keep that in mind, instead of looking for parasites, look for the things they do to the hair/skin (hairloss, dandruff...).
I agree, mange mites are under the skin and invisible to the naked eye so you need to look out for symptoms and not the mites themselves.
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