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Is This Fungal?

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May 1, 2014
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I got my first foster pigs yesterday! Noticed this mark just now, is it fungal? I guess it's off to the vets!

It does look fungal to me. See what the vet suggests but I always find Imaverol dips to be very effective. I would not necessarily say it was Ringworm as there are lots of different types of fungal but it is only really possible to test for Ringworm. It could even be Candida related.
We've got an appointment for tomorrow.

My mum rang and had to register them, but she didn't know their names! She said she just knew they were all reindeer names! I don't know which is which yet!

So they have put them all down using my mums surname as - Phillips 1, Phillips 2, Phillips 3, Phillips 4, Phillips 5 and Phillips 6! I'd better work it out for tomorrow!
Does look like fungal I agree. Best of luck at the vets.
Best of luck at the vets tomorrow. Let us know how you get on x
Good luck at the vets.

My vets have fun when I take the robo hamsters as they are all called Pob.
Just seen your original foster thread, and that there is a chance of pregnancy, therefore I would check with the vet what fungal products are safe to use. I know Imaverol is safe on week old babies so it may still be ok to use, even topically rather than as a dip.
All good news! Vet doesn't think its ringworm, or they could be getting over it. She thinks it's from general poor care. So we watch and wait for now! Much like the pregnancy! The vet could feel babies in one of the mums, but the other one isn't as far along.

We even had interest in the babies from a receptionist who was thinking of having 2 girls! She chose which 2 she would like when they are ready!
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