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Is This Normal? (video)

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Feb 24, 2015
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I've recorded me stroking my guinea pigs tummy an he twitches is this normal and if so is he annoyed or does he like it?
The first thing you'll need to do is upload your video onto a website. I upload all my videos onto my facebook account, then make sure that they are 'public' so that they can be viewed by all. You don't have to use facebook, there are other websites too, but that's just an idea.Then just above the box where you type your message in a post, you'll see little icons across the top such as B (bold) I (Italic) and U (Underline). If you look along those icons you'll see one that looks like a film clip. Click on that icon and then paste a link to your video into the pop up box that appears. Click upload/ok or whatever it says, then your video will appear in your post.
There's the video sorry it's not very good quality
It's dark so difficult to say for certain but I think that's ok. Usually if they are sensitive they try to take a chunk out of your hand.
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Yeah he started to nip me after a bit so I now know he doesn't like it
For a second I thought she could be ticklish...........but if she is nipping you...nevermind
Yeah when they are jittery or unsettled like that it usually means that they don't like something that you are doing. Try to take note of any sensitive areas where your piggy dislikes being touched and avoid stroking those areas as much as others. :)
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