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Is Top Glove's Cardboard Box Ink Toxic?

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Ruby Inferno

Teenage Guinea Pig
Sep 18, 2014
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England, UK
Quick question, is the ink for this box toxic? I am making pigloos out of these but first I need to know if the ink is toxic and if I should cover it up with something.

Just thought I'd add, the cardboard is corrugated. I've read that corrugated cardboard is not very good?

Edit: Also its ink is coloured, although the ink seems quite light and it does not smell of anything.
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It is not possible to give you a definitive answer one way or the other because there is too little information. The only way to find out is to determine who the packaging manufacturer is and ask them to provide information on the ingredients of the inks they use.

If you have concerns then the best advice is don't use it.
I too have used wine boxes from supermarkets for specific short-term instances when wooden hideys for eg mite piggies would not be a good idea and I need a disposable hidey.
No ill effects reported here so far.

However - Ruby's source of boxes are something I know nothing about and wouldn't care to comment on their safety or otherwise. Suffice to say - I wouldn't use boxes as per her piccie above.
I have thrown the boxes in the recycling bin because it's really not worth the risk.

I will keep an eye out for some print-free boxes to make pigloos out of, thanks for your replies. :)
if your looking for boxes pop in to your local Trespass store. We get loads of different sized boxes umpteen times a week and the majority have very little ink on them. ive been using them for years and had no ill effects. I'm sure they wouldn't mind sparing one or two if they had any kicking about x
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