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Itchy Piggie?

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Jan 25, 2015
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Southern California
My little Rox boy always seem to scratch himself, which seems ok since everyone scratches. I looked at his coat and could not find mites or fleas . . . but when I search or move his hair around he sort of nibbles the air and then turns his head quickly to 'groom' the area I messed with.

Thoughts on this behavior? I will try to film him and upload the vid of me doing this.
He sounds sensitive to me, so I would get him checked by a vet if you have one that sees pigs near you. If it is mange mites, they are under the skin so you wouldn't see them.

Does the hair look broken half way down the shaft at all?

Fungal is also a possibility but the vet should be able to diagnose and give you the appropriate product.
Everything @helen105281 said! :D I think with skin conditions like fungal or mites, they become extra jumpy or sensitive when you touch them so it could be one of those. But I have a piggy (I've had him since he was quite young) and he goes all funny when I touch him, its like he is an extra anxious piggy and frets a lot too.
I'll look into that, I've only had him in my care for 11 days now so I'm still trying to get my ducks in a line. Tho he has no hair loss and only itches a few times, I'm going to cross my fingers that he is just sensitive about his bum being touched.

I live in Southern California, in the 90712 area. Any good vet recriminations?
I have no recommendations for vets but you could have a look on Guinea Lynx as they have recommended vets I think and are a US site.
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