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I've Been A Very Naughty Girl Santa!

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Jul 5, 2014
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Wigan, UK
So, it has been my plan to give a home to some more piggies in the new year once i've rearranged the piggy room, after loosing two of my tribe over the course of the year. Today i gave a home (a little early!) to two knew girls. They were advertised on my local pet site, the owner had only had them a week and couldn't stand the smell... Suffice to say I went up to get them. They are only baby's, around 6-8 weeks old (I'm terrible with telling baby pig ages so please correct me if i'm wrong) both shy girls but not skitty. Thankfully I have the cage they are in for qaurantine and to give me time to sort my pig room out to create a C&C cage of their own for them.

Introducing Winne (the white fluffy lady) and Lyza (the chinchilla coated girl).

10489870_10154860700450363_4694962498250808271_n.jpg 10393908_10154860699995363_7822750036263032496_n.jpg 10384814_10154860699290363_1911914287186461473_n.jpg 10172615_10154860701300363_4848422479775672216_n.jpg 10802019_10154860700125363_4289928507393006390_n.jpg 10275931_10154860701505363_4635157450193756623_n.jpg 1505166_10154860700890363_180357960902214740_n.jpg

Now, my youngest pigs i have ever had where 9 months old and a lot bigger than these girls so if there is any secret tips of the trade when it comes to pigs so young please let me know. I also intend to read through the sight to make sure I have gathered extra info :)
What gorgeous ladies. Love the little white ones funky coat and eyes. She's beautiful but both are so pretty. :)

I'm glad they are with you and will grow up knowing what a loving home is rather than passed around.
I just can't believe you'd get rid of an animal because of the smell! :doh:
Awwww they are SO gorgeous! And I'm so pleased they'll have a lovely Christmas too! Well worth going on the naughty list for :xd:
Haha, I don't mind not getting anymore presents from Santa, it's worth it! :lol!:
:agr: I'm thinking of asking for more cosy caves and a fleece forest corner instead of perfume! You'll have SUCH a wonderful Christmas now playing with your new girls! :clap:
Haha yes I will! I think the cosy caves and forest corner are a very good idea and if Santa doesn't bring them there will be issues!
They are beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

We gave Widget unlimited pellets but obviously smaller portions of veg as she was growing. Wiebke's excellent Balanced Diet sticky runs through a few things on younger piggies http://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/...or-a-balanced-general-guinea-pig-diet.116460/

Congratulations again, Winne and Lyza are stunning!
I honestly don't know, strangest excuse I've ever heard. I know piggies have a smell, but it's by far a stinky kind of smell, unless you don't clean them properly! :doh:
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