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I've Just Had Successful Hair Trimming Session! :d

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Teenage Guinea Pig
Sep 13, 2010
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So after having these six for a year and two months Stripey my long hair abruvian has always been incredibly difficult, she'll chatter her teeth, nip and kick, run away and squeal when it comes to hair trimming BUT...

We we're having a cuddle and she was on my lap all snuggley so i thought well I'll give it try, she'll prolly god mad and I'll have to wait til someone can help but she sat really still and carried on talking to me as i snipped away little bits at a time, i managed to do a full trim and then the best bit when i put her back she started running laps and popcorning!

I'm so relieved, hopefully I'm on a road to success with her! :)

Here she is being nosy, i thought a cucumber slice was a good treat but she disagreed! XD

Awww, Stripey, what has your mummy done to your lovely long coat? You look like you've got a double rhino horn!
You won't fall for that trick again, will you?
Aww stripey you are a gorgeous piggy. Well done for behaving to get a haircut. ;)
Oh what a cute piggy! I have tried to do a nice hair cut but mine just won't stay still- even with bribery :hmm:
She is so beautiful!

My piglet has the same hair!
I completely agree! Trying to get it trimmed can be a nightmare! Especially when you have to trim around his bottom area!
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