I've seen it all now LOL

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I know that Mildred sometimes has a problem with sharing but what she done yesterday really does that the biscuit.

They have a ceramic bowl for their readigrass. Mildred dragged it all the way across the cage and into her fiddlesticks then promptly sat down beside it munching away.
It was so funny. I'm no expert but dragging a full ceramic bowl with your teeth must require quite a bit of effort. I didn't have the heart to take it off her ;D ;D
Just a little bit lol. But she does care about him as well and is always licking his eyes ? But if she's feeling a bit run down she steals his poo :-X
I love it.
In particular Scarby has been fantastic with Rocky. I thought Scarby might be jealous, esp as they look similar but Scarby loves having a baby. ;D
No I couldn't. I'd be so worried about them all the time. They're not keen on people - well they don't like me anyway.
LOL they probably will. ;D ;D
Will you be bringing yours in their cage?
Oh right. I don't have one of them. If I brought G&M, it would either be in a 4ft cage or a cat carrier. Probably not a good idea.
Awwww they sound so sweet! Zubin takes cucumber away from Ed when hes in the middle of eating it and Ed doesnt realise at first hes like 'huh were did that go ?' its so funny x
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