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Jumping Sows?

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Dec 30, 2014
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Walsall uk

I'm hoping you can help again guys. I have a new family of pigs Mother (Dolly)three sows four weeks old today (Apple, Smokey and Streaky)

I have noticed the last week Apple and Smokey (occasionally Streaky) jump around in circles around each other.

so my question is this normal? And if so why do they do it?
I have never seen dolly do this is there something we can do to encourage her?
I have never seen dolly do this is there something we can do to encourage her?
Some piggies do not seem to pop corn. My first pigs were babies and only one pop corned. Please do not think Dolly is not happy though as I am sure she is. Some piggies just show it in different ways.
I thought they may have been arguing as they are very loud when they popcorn
My last lot of foster piggies would chase each other round in laps of the cage popcorning like mad, every evening at around 9pm. Then again in the morning when put back into their freshly cleaned cages. It was more entertaining than anything on the TV, a joy to watch.
Sounds like they are popcorning and are happy or excited. It's more common in younger pigs when they are full of energy and get excited really easily. That may be why you don't catch the mom doing it, she may be older and more settled/less excitable. Plus some pigs popcorn more than others (we had a pig named Frenzy Popcorn... the name should give you an idea as to her activity level! LOL!)
also last two days Dolly has been making a rumbling noise (never heard it before.) and shaking her butt.

Anybody no what this means?
Thank you just read thread it looks a lot like that.

I hope her dominance doesn't take too much asserting.

Is this normal for mother and daughters?
It is normal. With pigs one is dominant and will chase, mount and hump the others in order to keep being the top pig. Her mother may stop her if she is quite dominant herself!
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