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Keeping Mourning Guinea Happy

Discussion in 'Behaviour and Bonding' started by eng1, May 3, 2012.

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  1. eng1

    eng1 New Member

    May 3, 2012

    This morning one of my sister's guinea pigs passed away. Both guineas are female. It spent its whole life with another. As they are very sociable animals, we are worried that the remaining one will get lonely. I was just hoping for some advice on how to help the remaining one continue to live a 'normal' life.

    However, as my sister is getting older, we will not be getting anymore once the last one has lived it's life, so we will not be introducing a new guinea to this one. We have given it a soft toy which is about the same size as it, a suggestion that I've seen many a time on the internet. I came on here to ask if there are any other ways of keeping it happy for the remainder of it's life? (Note: they both recently turned 4 years old).

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thankyou.
  2. Wiebke

    Wiebke Moderator
    Staff Member

    Mar 10, 2009
    Coventry UK
    It is always difficult when you come to the end of a piggy seesaw. However, if you can work out a way where your sister's piggy can have company she would be much happier than if she was on her own.

    Which area are you in?
  3. Shellza

    Shellza Adult Guinea Pig

    Aug 15, 2010
    I'm sorry to hear your sister's pig passed away :(
    Could you get an older sow from a rescue? Maybe one the same age as your existing piggy?
  4. eng1

    eng1 New Member

    May 3, 2012
    Cumbria. We're going to give the guinea a couple of days for the mourning period before introducing the soft toy. it may give it company in the pen when we're not around to hold it, cuddle it etc.
  5. eng1

    eng1 New Member

    May 3, 2012
    I think we're just going to keep the one, we've got to that period in the house where pets are no longer around, guinea pigs, goldfish etc.
  6. Emm

    Emm New Member

    Apr 18, 2012
    QLD, Australia
    I'm sorry for the loss :( However it isn't recommended to leave a piggie on it's own, even with a soft toy they enjoy the company of their own kind, popcorning, and just general chatter.

    I'm sure you would be able to find a lovely older guinea pig who would love to have a new home :) It would also relieve some of the stress of having to worry about how much longer a young guinea pig would live. Or the other alternative is to give your existing pig to a new home if you can find one suitable?

    I know how much you would love to keep your precious piggie, and I don't dispute that you shouldn't keep it, even if you don't give him a friend, but just bear in mind that they are very sociable creatures and tend to get lonely and/or depressed without a little friend to communicate with, this can lead to obesity and heart problems, especially with the onset stress of losing a pigmate.

    Hope this helped! Good luck xx
  7. Yvette

    Yvette New Member

    Apr 25, 2012
    What a difficult situation you are in but.for the sake of the piggy, please get an older companion or maybe rehome her
  8. IHorseCarzzy5

    IHorseCarzzy5 Junior Guinea Pig

    Jul 2, 2011
    Oregon, USA
    Lots of human time really helps.
  9. Sorry to hear that this little girl has lost her friend... When Jellybean lost both her mum and dad on the same day, I gave her a soft toy Guinea Pig to keep her company whilst she was in quarantine. She then went and is now living with her brother Pancake and another sow; Marble.

    Lots of cuddle time and extra treats may make her feel a bit better but I would seriously consider getting her a new, rescued cagemate of the same age. I understand that getting another may be a little inconvenient given the circumstances, but the fact you're here shows you want to provide for her best interests and a new friend would definitely do that.

    When it comes to the time you can no longer take care of them, you could always then rehome them together so that your pig will always have a friend no matter where she is.

    My Jellybean was only in quarantine for one week but even that was enough time for me to see that she missed her mum and dad and she is so much happier now that she has other real pigs to interact with.

    I hope you can find a way to make your little girl happy that also fits in well with your circumstances.

    Good luck from me, OH and our 11 veggie-hoovers x
  10. eng1

    eng1 New Member

    May 3, 2012
    Taking getting an older one into consideration as it seems the best thing to do. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated!
  11. PottyForPiggies

    PottyForPiggies *Secret Santa*

    Feb 22, 2012
    York, UK
    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your sister's guinea pig :(

    Depending whereabouts in Cumbria you are, the 2 nearest Piggy Bank recommended rescues are Milhaven in Keighley http://www.milhaven-rescue.com/ and North East GP rescue near Newcastle http://www.northeastguineapigrescue.co.uk/. Nothing amazingly close, but I am in the same situation living in York! Both of these rescues will work very hard to find the perfect friend for your piggie :) You could also try your local RSPCA branch and see if they might have anyone suitable there :)

    Hope this helps :)
  12. OmgPiggies

    OmgPiggies Junior Guinea Pig

    Apr 29, 2012
    THIS! ^

    I agree, you should really get her a new friend, they're much happier with a friend then living by themselves, because if your pig is sad, maybe the toys will not work as much as a new cagemate :)
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