Late Night Snack Vs. Gus's Guilt Trip...

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Oct 29, 2014
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Boston, Massachusetts USA
So, while this isn't necessarily a textbook guinea pig food post, it IS about food and MY guinea pig, GUS, who apparently is part Italian as you'll see from this story.

Last night, I awoke at 3 am, ravenous due to being sick (MS) all day & having not eaten much... I made my way to the fridge, found a cold slice of pizza, returned to my room & happily enjoyed it in peace as my girl and my Gus slept.
Or so I thought...
My boy can deal a guilt trip the likes of which the Godfather can make an offer not to be refused.
Upon crunching another delicious bite of pizza, I look down only to realize that no, Gus ISN'T sleeping, but wide awake and STARING me down with this look of: "oh really?! That's how you're gonna be? Only you get a snack? I don't see any celery up there woman...!?"
I laughed, trying not to choke or wake my daughter up (she insisted on sleeping with me because of how sick I was all day, she said she didn't want me to be alone...)
So, like the godfather, I obviously cannot refuse Gus a late night snack especially after that hard core stare down I just got! So I head back to the kitchen to retrieve some yummy celery, return to see him still holding his ground & that stare, and I gently, LOVINGLY, kneel down to give my boy his snack too.

All's well in Boston...

(For now!)


Lol this made me laugh! I just pictured Gus looking up at you with his adorable face. No wonder you felt guilty! I am sorry you are poorly right now. Ruby is so sweet to want to be with you while you feel bad.
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