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Lethal Gene Guinea Pigs And Oral Medications!

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furryfriends (TEAS)

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Jul 30, 2006
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Calling all those who have lethal gene piggies!

Have any of you found that your piggy doesn't respond to oral medication, but responds well to injectable meds? Tweedledee has a URI and began to recover rapidly when started on injectable Marbocyl. After five days we changed to Marbocyl tablets, and within three days he had declined. We changed back to injectable meds and he very quickly improved. After a week we changed back to tablets, as he really doesn't like having the injections. Again after three days his breathing was awful and the nasal discharge had returned. We have now decided to do a long course of injectable Marbocyl as he clearly isn't benefitting from the tablet form. I have always found the tablets to work well with other piggies, so now wondering if it could be anything to do with him being a lethal.
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