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Licking Pigs

Does your piggy ever lick you?

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Nov 27, 2014
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Sutton Coldfield
So I have had a fair few guinea pigs in my time and I would say that 5 out of the 7 have enjoyed licking my arms/hands as if they are grooming me.
My smallest one has recently started doing this to me and when I asked the vets a few years back she said she had never heard of guinea pigs licking humans and said it was an odd behaviour, yet so many have done it too me.
Is it me? Am i guinea pig tasty? Haha!
Or do you guys get the same behaviour?
Would love to know! :)
All mine have been lickers. They say it's the salt on your skin. I had my niece round the other day and Winnie started licking her. I said that Winnie loved her and it was kisses. Needless to say Winnie is now her favourite.
Teddy licks both me and my boyfriend A LOT. He even licks me on the face if I'm on his same height. The weirdest spots where he licked me where my lips and my eyelid :))
Oreo licks my hand sometimes, I assume when it tastes the saltiest! The other three tend not to, but past pigs have done so :) I remember my first two pigs, Joey and Chandy, licking my nose.
Both of mine lick our hands and arms, but Sundae does it a lot more often! She is a very kissy little pig!
Both of mine lick me...I like to think it is out of affection but I think it's usually the salty taste haha. They also lick my fingers persistently if they want to be put down back in their cage during lap time. This is a particular improvement in communication with Martin my very shy guinea pig, as he used to just sink his teeth into my hand when I had him on my lap!
My fudge has started licking my hand when I put it in his cage. Alby just head butts my hand out the way. Lol.
Eddie is a licky pig! It's the salt on your skin some like. Yesterday I was out on the water in a boat for a couple of hours, came back, and got the boy piggies out for a bit - they were obsessed with smelling and licking my hands and arms haha! It was the salty seawater they were interested in :)
All five of my boars give me "piggy kisses" - logic tells me they are exploring skin and licking salt, emotional side of me says , ahhh they love their piggy mummy!
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