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Litter Box Training

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Jan 23, 2015
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Hey! I see alot of everyones piggies have a box in the corner for the piggies bathroom. I was thinking about doi ng the same with the rest of there cage lined with a material just like i see throughout pictures of your cages. I am new to piggies. Do they need alot of training to use the litter box or is it natural for them to go to the box? Seems easier than having a cage full of shavings. What kind of litter/shavings/etc do yall prefer in your boxes. I have a 6 week and 8 week old girl I'm picking up today

Good luck, I have trained our piggies to poo everywhere :)) Some people manage to keep it in one place a little more by positioning tray under there hay, piggies often poo and eat the same time. But I would doubt you could ever litter train a piggy.

Oh and never use any type of litter for piggies it is toxic and dangerous.

How are your piggies getting on?
I was so optimistic because in their hutch they only wee in the corners. Same as in their pen (although this is a hexagon so they use all 6 corners). As soon as I put fleece into the pen and a litter tray with shavings they decided to go everywhere! I don't mind the poos- just wish I could get them to stop weeing on the fleece!
After reading these replies I'm thinking I might get rid of the boys' litter tray and replace it with something they will actually use! Takes up too much cage space to stay unused x
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