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little houses..

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Hi everyone, I'm soon getting 2 baby shelties who are to be indoor guinea pigs their cage is sorted i got the biggest one i could find so they should have plenty of room , ive got the run for indoors and will get a run for outdoors when the summer comes again, my question is do you guys use the little wooden houses ( they can sleep in) they are in all the pet shops? Or are they unsuitable for guinea pigs ? For the run, do guinea pigs like to run up things, on to another level? Sorry for all the questions :) lizz :)


I use a mixture of wodden and plastic houses for my piggies. :)


I had a lovely wooden house for my two but I found that as the wood got wet it got a bit manky. Mind you, it didn't help that George had a uti at the time and was weeing for England. They have fliddlesticks now that, although they'e made of wood, haven't gone manky.


Lizz - it's lovely to hear about all the thought you've put into their home. The fiddlesticks that Debbie said about are really good, especially if you put some hay in there. They lie in them with their little faces sticking out! If you have anything they can get on top of make sure they can't fall off or jump too far. They like cardboard boxes although they will chew them. If you use anything wood make sure it's not treated with anything toxic.


Aren't they those sticks that are bound together in a row? You can make arches and fences out of them (I think that might be them!) I have two of those little wooden houses and they're fine but you do have to watch they don't get too damp. They seem to dry out ok though. xx


I have 4 pigloos, 2 of the big wooden log cabin houses and a couple of the fiddlestix large size. They love them all. I also find cardboard boxes awesome and great fun. Pack them all with hay ... they just snuggle in them !



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Aug 9, 2006
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I got a corner wooden house for Fudge which takes up less room. It doesn't have a bottom so doesn't get manky and he likes sitting on top surveying his kingdom
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