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Lonely Piggy

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Feb 9, 2014
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Wales, UK
I have a male piggy called Muppet that I adopted a couple of months ago - he's approx. 2-3yrs old. I would like to get him a playmate. I was going to get a baby boar, but have now seen 2 x three month old boars that are desperate for their forever home.... I was advised by a vet to get a baby boar for the best chance of my piggy 'accepting' the newbie and bonding.... is 3 months old too old? And the fact that there are two of them? I would love to give these little piggies their forever home :(
Thanks x
I don't think 3 months is too old, that's still a baby really. But adopting 2 more would be a mistake. Boar trios have a very high (90% I think) chance falling out and needing to live in seperate cages. This could leave your original piggies alone again.

The best chance of a match is to take your boy to a rescue where they do boar dating. Then he can choose a friend for himself,
Awwww ok thanks.... is that even if the babies are brothers?

I will have a word with the lady that's rehoming them :(
I have trio of bothers now 14wks old can say they have few fall outs tho as they are getting bigger I need a new cage for them x
Whereabouts in Wales are you? I am up in North Wales. Hope you can find a suitable match for Muppet. Take your time, it may be you have several introductions before Muppet finds somebody he likes and wants to share with!
I'm up in the North too - Anglesey :)
I don't think anybody around here does boar dating do they :( would love to get Muppet a pal as he's probably very lonely in the house all day while I'm at work.... he was a lone pig in his previous home too (my friend's house) but they had lots of other pets too (including dogs that kept barking at him hence having to rehome him)
Is it possible to tell whether they get on straight away? If that was the case, maybe the lady would let me take the Muppster with me to see the babies x
Babies work better as they haven't hit the hormonal months yet and theres more chance of them bonding in that time before they hit that period. Sadly a trio is rare to work -though it can happen- but its usually best not to risk it if you have no room for 3 single boars plus needing to find them all friends.

If I were you I'd go for a piggie roughly 1+ years old. I find older piggies have the best luck. I adopted Matthew hearing he was 6 years old and paired with him my, at the time 2 year old boar who needed a friend. Found out Matthew was actually 2 as well and they are the closest bonded boars I've ever owned. They sleep together all the time. I call them my little gay lovers as they are so smitten.
Awwww soooooo cute!!
I don't really mind whether I get a baby or an adult - thinking more about what's best for Muppet than what I want...... but someone told me that two adult boars would fight to be alpha male, so a baby would be best.... but clearly it's worked for your pair - lovely tale :) :) :) x
My trio all been good today


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I got the babies - they are with me for a 'trial' basis but I would probably keep them whether they get on with Muppet or not! :)
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