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Lonely Piggy?

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Karen H

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Jan 5, 2015
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i had 2 piggys sadly one passed away on New Years eve. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me if Ziggy will be okay on his own or weather we should adopt another?
If you can adopt a new guinea I would as Ziggie may get lonely x How old is Ziggie?
If you are able to get a new one I defiantly would as very old x
i had 2 piggys sadly one passed away on New Years eve. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me if Ziggy will be okay on his own or weather we should adopt another?

Hi and welcome!

I am very sorry for your loss! You are most welcome to post a tribute to the boy you have lost in our Rainbow Bridge section whenever it feels right for you.

The vast majority of piggies are much happier with a companion, but especially with boars it is not quite as easy as sticking another boar in and expecting them to get on. Ideally you find a place that allows you to bring Ziggy for a meet&greet, so he can make the decision as to who he likes to get on with. There is a number of good standard piggy savvy rescues that offer dating at the rescue under expert supervision; that is well worth travelling a bit further for as you only come home with a new mate if there has been success and you will always have the rescue to fall back on if there are problems along the line.

If you haven't got access to a good rescue, you may have to consider a living alongside fallback option if a bonding is not working out. This option can also work for another older piggy or even to have a couple of younger piggies for next door stimulation, but unless you are getting a piggy from a rescue or shelter with mandatory quarantine (please always ask), you will have to conduct a quarantine yourself first.

How old is Ziggy and where are you located; we have members from all over the world, so your realistic options can differ a lot depending on where you are! You can help us a lot by adding your country, state or (for the UK) your county/city to your details. Please click on your username on the top bar, then go to personal details and scroll down to location and we will always be able to tailor any advice and recommendations straight away.

Thank you for your help. Ziggy is nearly 4 and he's been castrated. These 2 were the first guineas I'd owned and I'm not sure as what to do because he does seem very sad x
I'm really sorry for your loss. If you are interested in having another guinea pig, I would recommend getting one, as generally they are happier with another guinea pig companion and do grieve the loss of a friend. I had a bonded pair of sows initially, and after we lost one at about 18 months to an illness, her companion did seem very sad and subdued. She was visibly happy to see another guinea pig (she popcorned at the bars the first time she caught sight of her new friend!) and her behavior changed back to her usual self after she got to know and accept the new guinea pig. Since your boy has been neutered, a good option might be to pair him with a female, as matching up boars is supposed to be more difficult.
I would check out the recommended rescue locator and arrange to take him dating. As he is neutered he could even have a lady friend. Am sorry for your loss.
I'm sorry for your loss. I think it's best for guinea pigs to have a friend as they can get lonely even with our contact. I've read on here somewhere you can go piggy dating which I think is fantastic and your piggy can chose their own friend :-)
Welcome to the forum and sorry it isn't under better circumstances. It is hard to lose a much loved pet. I can't add to the advice above.

We have a rainbow Bridge section here https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/forums/rainbow-bridge-pets.16/ should you wish to leave a memorial to the little one you have lost. We found the forum such a comfort when we joined after losing our first piggy, I hope you do too.

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