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Lorry Crash In Glasgow

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Julie M

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Jun 9, 2014
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My thoughts are with all the people affected by the lorry crash in Glasgow. So so sad.
Just heard it on the radio don't know much details though. It is so tragic.
I hate accidents like that. My thoughts are with the families whose relatives died or where injured.
What was the Cluatha incident?

A helicopter crashed into the Cluatha bar last year killing several people...

Our thoughts go out to the people of Glasgow & the families of all involved in this Accident today ... XX
Just got home from work to hear this, so sad at what is meant to be a happy family time of the year thoses poor families and those injured. RIP to the 6 who were killed.I heard something about a baby in a buggy was hit on sky news I hope they were wrong about that :(
Oh I think I heard about that a while back. Yes, Our thoughts go out to the people involved and their families.
Early reports are the driver had suffered a heart attack and was spotted slumped over the wheel just prior to the crash :(
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