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Lump On Back

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Nov 17, 2013
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My baby millie she is nearly 4 she has a lump on her bottom part of her back i saw this a while ago took her to the vet the vet wasnt concerned and told me to bring her backif it gets bigger well it has but what could it be and how can he help she eating and drinking fine and she doesnt act like it hurts her.and its quiet fuildie
Sorry to hear it. If the vet said to come back if it grew then I think you should take her back to the vet. Wouldn't like to speculate as to what it is but please get her seen by your vet.
can you get a picture of the lump? sometimes older piggies get fatty lumps that move around under the skin & are free moving, some lumps are sebacious cysts, basically the oils & debris build up under the skin & a cottage cheese type substance can be drawn out of it by the vet. no particular smell (these are commonly found on the rump/back areas... one of mine has one )& both are just mainly cosmetic issues but not generally harmful.

if the vet drains a smelly pus substance from the lump it's more than likely an abscess that will need either lancing/draining or removing, antibiotics (sounds like a culture for the most appropriate is recommended on here as there are different types of infection) also a painkiller & probiotic would make her feel more comfortable in this situation.

If the vet didn't seem too concerned it probably either of the above, but it would be best to get it checked out again if its getting larger to rule out any more serious types of lumps.

Good luck & hope the vet sorts her out :)
cant get a very good picture of it she hasnt lost the hair and she is a dark guinea it stick out about 1.5 cm but i will try
heres a pic of Ellies sebacious cyst, the hole is where the vet aspirated it with a needle to find out the contents of it, every now and then it fills up & pushes the scab bit out, the vet has told me its fine then to squeeze hers out a little to relieve the pressure & also its soft, but i wouldn't recommend squeezing one without veterinary approval, as the contents can go hard & not flow out properly and/or it can get infected & form septicemia if not done properly.

i would take her to the vet to get the contents checked out, then you can decide appropriately together your next plan of action.

this is the position on her rump where the cyst is, this is a common area in older piggies for sebacious cysts.
Ellie has had hers a year or more now & it's about 1cm across but doesn't bother her too much.
My pig Linney had an abscessed sebaceous cyst in that approximate are when she was about two. The vet lanced it to get a look at the contents. Following that it didn't heal up properly and the skin over the cyst/abscess capsule lost blood supply and didn't regrow so that the abscess capsule was poking through and we decided the best thing to do was to take the entire capsule out surgically. It went smooth and the lump never recurred (she's now 6, so it has been a long time.)
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