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Lump On Back?

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Mar 30, 2015
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Swindon, Wiltshire
We rescued both our guineas a little over a week ago now. They have settled in really well. Been popcorning everywhere.
Only 2 days ago my girl Frankie starting popcorning the same time as Bobby my male. - Proud moment! :')
I digress..
A couple of days ago I noticed a small amount of white fur in their indoor run (they are indoor piggies) but they both seemed happy enough and just put it down to when they climb over each other sometimes. but yesterday during lap time I felt a lump on Frankie's back. I moved her fur about to have a closer look at the lump. Its just like a small pink bit probably about the size of a pea where the fur has gone.
But the lump itself is probably about the size of a 1p coin.
She doesn't seem in pain and isn't fussed when I touch it. Eating and drinking as normal.
I have checked Bobby over and he seems perfectly fine. In high spirits as usual an no lumps or missing fur!
As I said they were rescued and she didn't have it then, and has no history of any issues - had a vet check up not long before we rescued her from the Blue Cross.
I have included pics but they are hard to make out. Any ideas? Debating taking her to the vets but because they haven't been with us long I don't want to cause any unnecessary stress! :/

Thanks in advance!
Please have any lump checked by a vet; we cannot diagnose via the internet, especially not something that needs to be felt. It is likely either an abscess or a (harmless) sebaceous cyst.
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