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Lumps - Mammary Tumor Or Fatty Lipoma Or Something Else?

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May 16, 2014
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I noticed for the first time a week ago that both of my two smooth-coated girls (cream and buff) have lumps in their groin area, very near their nipples. Hupakko has two / possibly three very small ones and Tyllerö has two slightly bigger like small peas. Tyllerö's one lump is bigger than others (like a small grape or a large pea) and the skin around the nipple on that side is also a bit reddish. This lump is directly under the nipple. All lumps are soft and they move under the skin when you touch them.
Hupakko just visited vet for quite similar lump on her back which the vet drained and it was full of (i don't know the right word, sorry!) fat or grease, you know, oily white stuff. Is it called a fatty lipoma or something else? The vet said that these are not dangerous for the piggy. Since both of the girls have them do you think they could also be fatty lipomas? Both girls are a bit on the heavier side ( I'm trying to get their weight down a bit ), and I've heard that this problem is linked with overweight. But I've also seen photos of mammary tumors, and thay look quite the same as lipomas. My girls are siblings and they are about 18 months old.
I think I will see the vet anyway, but since the last time I visited the vet for a lump it was not necessary after all (and costed 145 euros still...) i'm a bit hesitant. Of course vets get that money for a good reason but I'd like to save my money for cases when vet visit is really needed :).
So any ideas? Can I just keep an eye on the lumps or should go straight away to vet's?
It would be good to have the lumps checked, especially the one under the nipple. The majority sounds like either fatty lipomas or sebaceous cysts, which are harmless, but it is always good to make sure with any lump; with several lumps there is always the chance that you have more than one variety.
The majority of lumps are usually cysts or fatty lumps but as mentioned please have any lumps checked out by a vet.

I had a piggy once with a lump under her nipple. Thankfully it turned out to be a fatty lump but there were a number of things it could have been.

Best of luck
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