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Lumpy Abdomen?

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Jul 27, 2013
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Swansea, South Wales
For a few months I've been unhappy with how Montys tummy feels. He has big fatty bits on his sides (like sows can often get) and his tummy feels oddly lumpy. Sometimes I have a feel of it to see if I can spot anything, and today when I changed the light pressure to carefully feeling with fingertips under the fatty bits he got really upset and reacted badly. His tummy often feels a bit hard but he seems to have no problem with gas that I can tell. Its strange - otherwise he's very healthy, hes only 8 months old, eats, drinks and poops fine, is very fiesty and noisy!

If he was female he'd have been rushed to the vets with suspected pregnancy, because he feels a lot like a pregnant sow! (I have double checked!)

Anyone ever known this before? Likely I'm just being a bit paranoid? He's had it since suddenly when he was about 5 months old. He also more or less stopped growing about then too.
Definitely considering visiting our most experienced exotics vet, but I could be taking him there for nothing. I just don't know!
Boars can have the fatty side bits as well as sows, but if you are worried, please have his tummy checked.
Phew - he's had a proper prod and poke around to make sure everything feels normal, and it does :) It was a vet who made me uncertain about it, he had a quick check over last time he went with Eddie and she said 'oh he's got a funny shaped tummy hasn't he!' Which of course made me a paranoid piggy mum. All is well however, he's just a lumpy boy! :))
Good to hear. Some pigs just get benignly lumpy! One of my boys has a lump on his side. I was a worry wart until it got diagnosed as a harmless sebaceous cyst
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