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Mange Mites

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Sep 8, 2014
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Since I got Luna I've been unhappy with the condition of her skin but I have been told several times by the vet that she was fine. Anyway, i'd had enough and took her back to the vets last night because her dandruff was quite bad, had some scabs on her back and a small bald patch. I took her to a new vet and she said theres a good chance she has mange mites and rather than do a skin scape first she has just given me the xeno spot on to apply 10 drops every two weeks. How long will it take for the mites to die? Is it going to take 6 weeks until the treatment is finished working? Also, can mange mites be passed onto other animals? I'm treating both my pigs, but what about other animals? Cheers guys! x
Skin parasites are species specific, so you do not have to worry about yourself and your other pets.

The itching should hopefully get noticeably better after a few days, when the majority of the current mites is being killed off (it's not very nice for the piggy, but at least we now have an effective treatment for mange) and it should hopefully stop entirely about 2-3 days after the second application. Round 3-4 are there to catch any emerging eggs and prevent a return of the mites.

Please be carefully with very inflamed/painful skin and wait with bathing until at least 48 hours after the last treatment. Advanced mites can cause fitting. Wishing your poorly piggy a good recovery!
about two weeks ago I was giving her a treat and when she was walking over she kind of fell onto her side and started jolting about, it lasted for bout 5 second and she jumped up and started eating her little apple treats again and was totally fine. I'd got such a horrible fright and started crying but I felt like such a drama queen because Luna was totally fine after it & thought maybe it was some wierd popcorning. does that sound like a fit? I really hope it is mites and it will be over soon, ive always felt on edge with her and that there's somethings wrong that I'm not fixing and start worrying that the vets think I have Münchhausen by proxy lmao. Thanks Wiebke, your always there to help when I'm sitting stressing out! haha xx
It is difficult to say, not having seen it and your piggy.

Please be also aware that there is a chance that there could be a fungal issue, which won't show up in test results, as they usually only test for ringworm. Keep this in mind in case the ivermectin doesn't do the trick - which I sincerely hope that it will!
Hey Wikbe, I gave the pigs their second dose of the invermectin yesterday. Lunas skin doesn't seem to be any better or worse so far? should I be seeing results by now? Having seen some cases of mange on this site in the past few days & It doesnt look like Lunas does. She has no open sores or anything, just bad dandruff and a bald scabby patch on her spine a little smaller than a 5p & i've never really noticed any excessive scratching, she does turn and try to bite the scabby bit sometimes but cant reach. I'm starting to wonder if your right about it being a fungal thing :/
I think you should start seeing results shortly after the second dose. Is it Spot on you are giving though?

I would get some Imaverol/Enilconazole in case it does turn out to be fungal so you can patch test in advance and have it on standby.

yeah, its xeno spot on. Is it ok for me to give the pigs the Imaverol/Enilconazole myself without mentioning it to the vet? & do i need to wait until the xeno treatment is over? i gave them their second dose 3 days ago and they're sue their last one in 11 days.

I recently had to deal with mites and it is not fun hoping the treatment works and your piggies feel better.
Aww dear, poor piggies :( I hope your little ones are all better now! it's hard to check the bald patch cause as soon as I start touching her bottom half she tries to sink her teeth into me, lol. I've never known a piggy to be so ready with their teeth haha.
yeah, its xeno spot on. Is it ok for me to give the pigs the Imaverol/Enilconazole myself without mentioning it to the vet? & do i need to wait until the xeno treatment is over? i gave them their second dose 3 days ago and they're sue their last one in 11 days.
I would run it past the vet, any bath or dip would need to be at least 48 hours apart from any Ivermectin treatment anyway.
cool. Cheers Helen. I'll get some and do that. The vet didn't mention to me that i should have throughly disinfected their cage and boil washed all their fleeece. I havn't done this at all. ughhh.
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