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Meet Hop

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Adult Guinea Pig
Jul 27, 2013
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I've been a bit quiet lately but I would like to introduce Hop
She's Rory new cage mate, we got her from my brother's girlfriend who had rescued her and her sister unfortunately Hip passed away the same week as Maggie, we had ever intention of bonding the two sisters with Rory and Maggie but never got a chance to go back .

I was worried about Hop being alone especially since she was so small when and from what my brother's girlfriend was saying she wasn't eating much and seemed lost plus I had a single piggie to so it made sense to put them together and see what happened, it went well. Rory and Hop accepted each other and he was back to his cheeky chappy ways.

Here are some photos we've had her about a month and she's doing very well, eating, zooming around poor old Rory can't keep up half the time! And she's always oblivious to when he's trying to woo her although he needs a little practise in his booty routine.
She's a handful absolutely loves hay and squeaks as soon as she hears a bag rustle

IMG_0508.jpg IMG_0510.jpg IMG_0513.jpg IMG_0514.jpg
Ahhh she's lovely :love::love::luv::wub: i think she's going to give the adorable Maple :luv: a run for her money in her pignapping the perfect piggy status ;)

I'm so glad they get on well, i love it when they find their forever friend :D
Hop is stunning love her ginger patches on her nose and cheeks :love:
She's beautiful. Sounds like a perfect match for Rory.
Oooooh, she's a lovely big cuddly girl! Black and white is very striking.
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