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Melody - Forum Sponsor Piggy - The Potteries

Anniversary Herd

Senior Guinea Pig
Jan 25, 2016
My name is Melody and I am a permanent resident of the Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue together with my mum Louise.

My mum Louise and her sister Thelma came into the rescue in January 2018. Mum and Auntie Thelma had been rehomed a couple of times through free ads sites and at some point they were put with a boar. When they both became pregnant the owner at that time put them up for rehoming on another site where a kind lady rescued them to keep them safe and she surrendered them to the rescue. They came to live with VickiA as their foster mum.

Mum and Auntie Thelma were best of friends at first. My mum gave birth first - to my two brothers (Fred and Harry) and then to me. Our foster Mum videoed me and one of my brothers being born.
The next day Auntie Thelma gave birth to 3 babies but only one survived (Daphne). We all lived and played happily together for a few days before Mum and Auntie Thelma fell out and we had to move into separate families.

At first all of us were put up for adoption on the forum in pairs. My brothers Fred and Harry got a cage of their own and then went to a lovely lady for their forever home. https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/threads/fred-and-harry-baby-boar-pair-the-potteries-gpr.156411/
Thelma and Daphne found their forever home, too. https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/threads/thelma-and-daphne-the-potteries-gpr.156408/
Me and my mum were put up for adoption https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/threads/louise-and-melody-the-potteries-gpr.156409/. A very lovely lady came and fell in love with us. She reserved us to go and live with her but while we were waiting to go to our new home our foster mum noticed that I wasn’t gaining as much weight as she thought I should do, and that I was rather small. So we were told we were staying with our foster mum.

I went to see the lovely lady Vet. She was very kind but found that I was missing my 2 bottom front teeth. She told my foster mum to keep feeding me pellet mash as I loved it, and to wait and see if my teeth grew. Every day my foster mum checked my teeth. I kept showing her I was fine by eating hay, mashed pellets and some herbs but my front teeth didn’t appear.

So I went back to the vets with my Mum Louise. We stayed there for the day. The lovely Vet sent me to a special sleep. When I woke up she and my foster mum were looking at pictures of my head and body. Apparently I am a very special piggy. I am missing a piece of my lower jaw and I am a dwarf. I am not going to grow much bigger, and my bottom front teeth will never grow.

My front teeth keep growing but the nice Vet takes me out the back into the special part of the building and she cuts my teeth down with a noisy thing. I shout very loudly but I don’t think she can hear me over the noise of the drill thingy. Maybe I should shout louder? Apparently I will need to have my front teeth removed when I am old enough - I don’t like the sound of that much at all.

My foster mum has been wittering on about giving me something called independence. I was quite happy for her to feed me bits of vegetables by hand but she seems determined to let me get on with it on my own. The trouble is my Mum Louise nicks all my food if I’m not quick enough. She’s tried all sorts of bowls and dishes but she’s found a small egg cup with strips of veggies in is easiest for me to pick up on my own. I sometimes have to bend my head to the side but I am getting good st this. So I now get my veggies twice a day in my own egg cup and my Mum Louise isn’t allowed near them.

I was really enjoying eating mushy pellets. I used to keep a bit on my nose for a snack later on. But my mum Louise was always scoffing them too and she was getting a bit fat to be honest. So our foster mum started feeding me my pellet mash on my own. I didn’t like eating on my own so I had her go out and buy lots of different types of pellets until she found some I could pick up and eat on my own. Last week I showed her that I could eat some of those without any help at all. So now I am a big girl and I get to eat pellets, hay and vegetables without any help.

Anyway, I like staying at our foster mum’s house with my Mum Louise. Auntie Helen from the rescue comes to visit me often and checks that I am OK. When our foster mum goes away we go and stay with Auntie Helen. Auntie Helen pays my vets bills which everyone keeps going on about. Such big bills for a small piggy! I hear we are going to stay forever because of my missing teeth.

Thank you to the Forum for sponsoring me. I will pop back from time to time to show you how beautiful I am. And to prove that life as a dental piggy can still be very happy.


Staff member
Nov 1, 2013
Cheshire, England

Today I had something called a “mani and pedi”. I wasn’t too sure at first, but I had cuddles with the man slave while the foster mum held my feet and hands and told me how beautiful and good I was. I never even saw the clippers. Apparently I now have nice short nails again.

Afterwards I had a lovely egg cup of veggies. I dribbled pepper juice down my chin so had to lick it off. I’m not sticking my tongue out at you to be rude. It’s just a picture of me licking my chops.


Adult Guinea Pig
Oct 15, 2017
Wow well done little Melody for being such a good girl during your spa treatments today.
Pepper is yummy so glad you enjoyed it so much x

Merab's Slave

Forum Donator 2017/18
Nov 27, 2017
Marlborough, Wiltshire
Good girl Melody.
You might like to teach my girls to clean their chins after eating peppers.
They all go around with red chins and sometimes red splodges on their nice white fur.
They are in need of help from you