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Metacam Dose

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Jan 21, 2011
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Could someone please clarify the dose for metacam. I have had one of my guinea pigs at the emergency vets over Christmas (they are supposed to be more piggie savvy than my own vet) however they have told me a much lower metacam dose than my own vet. My guinea pig weighs just under 1kg and I have dog metacam. Thanks
Have they told you the dose using the Metacam syringe or a normal one? Do you usually have dog Metacam or does your own vet use the cat one?
0.33ml per kg in weight of the dog metacam in a normal syringe not the ones that come with the drug. Your piggie should be ok with that dosage, it can go higher but this is the average dose used.

The cat metacam is a lower concentration so you would be a higher dose/amount.

I usually have dog metacam and use a 1ml syringe not the one that comes with the metacam. I had been giving Elsie 0.2ml twice a day previously although she hasn't been on any for a few weeks as we were trying her without to see if she could maintain her weight without pain relief. The emergency vet said she should be on 0.13ml dog metacam once a day. Elsie now has a URI brought on by the stress of being in the vets for 2 days but we know it is caused by ongoing tooth roots problems - she was admitted with bloat on Christmas eve and recovered from that within 24 hours. My piggie is as poorly as my bank balance :(
I would speak to your vet if you can but your original dose you have always given is in line with what I give my pigs who are a similar weight. The new vet is not allowing for a fast metabolic rate either.
My guinea pig was on Metacam and he was 1100g. The vet put him on 0.4ml once per day. She did say they tolerate Metacam very well.

I would suggest you try to talk to your vet to discuss dosage if you are in any doubt. I know how worrying it is when they are poorly and you are being given conflicting advice. It can be quite confusing and you do not know what to do for the best. But if you discuss your concerns with the vet, they will usually explain the reasons for their treatment plan and then they can put your mind at rest.
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