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More Patience And/or More Ideas?

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Teenage Guinea Pig
Jan 5, 2015
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Edgware Middlesex
After spending the past week looking online and phoning around my local rescue centres, I have been unsuccessful in finding a new friend for Tubby my 3yo boar. The closest I've gotten to rehoming a friend for Tubby is my nearby NAWT rescue center. However I am not allowed to take Tubby along for a bonding session, so I could go ahead and adopt a guineapig, which could take 3 weeks, but only to find I would need to take him back the following day if they did not get on, which isn't so appealing.

In a way I'm thinking I'm happy there isn't allot of single boars in the rescue centers for me to freely choose from, but on the other hand I feel sad for Tubby not having a play mate.
I bet that's difficult. To start with I would have loved just to of had the 1 all the love and attention I could give but then like you thought it's unfair on the piggy. Though I think o would wait to find the perfect piggy and do boat dating somewhere :-)
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