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Mr Ted's Eye Watering Day

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Nov 1, 2013
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Cheshire, England
My lovely boy Mr Ted needs some healing vibes.
He's got one watery eye that hasn't responded to drops so today he went in for an investigation under GA. Poor little chap has had a biopsy taken and has come home with additional drops while we wait for the histology results. If I thought his eye looked sore and watery before then it looks so much more uncomfortable now.
Poor boy was feeling very sorry for himself but has happily tucked into a bowl of his favourite treats to tempt his appetite. Thank goodness for chantenay carrot and baby sweet corn as nothing else would tempt him out of his hidey.
I'm not looking forward to results day next week :no:
Poor boy, it's making my eyes water just thinking about it. Hope you get some answers soon.
Poor Mr Ted :( And poor you, they are such a worry aren't they! Healing wheeks from Pixel, Widget and Thor x
Well he's certainly feeling more feisty this evening. I've just managed to get the second lot of drops in but he's not going to cooperate with me any more. Up til today he's been quite good but I think I'm going to need the OH's help from now on...
Aww, I'm sorry to hear this. Administering eye drops is a nightmare. I really hope he recovers soon.
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