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Muffin My Tortoiseshell Hamster

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Mar 15, 2015
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north east
i thought since i did a post on the chinchillas yesterday i do a quick post on muffin my naughty syrian hamster
here are a few pictures
SAM_8760.JPG SAM_7474.JPG SAM_8435.JPG SAM_9258.JPGSAM_9272.JPG

i took her on early july last year as my friend was off to live in spain and asked me if id take her on i wasn't planning on another hamster really but i couldn't say no as her life otherwise would be staying at her house and her mum just chucking in some food and cleaning her from time to time so not getting out much etc xx so i took her on at 6 months old shes now 14 months old and doing well shes very cheeky and loves attention shes also a manic chewer and chews her way out of any plastic cage so i had to move her into a detolf :) ignore my awful baggy hamster onesie!

i wont be getting piggies for a longgg time hopefully years away tho as her cage is where theres would go in future x
Well, she certainly landed on her cute little paws. Fabulous set up and what a cute little face.
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