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My Boy Choked To Death This Morning

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Junior Guinea Pig
Aug 14, 2012
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Glasgow Scotland
My poor boy Junior died at 10.30am today we found a piece of sweetcorn lodged in the back of his throat
Oh that's awful :( I'm so sorry, what a terrible thing to have to go through!

I am so sorry! What a horrible shock for you!

It is one of those unpreventable freak accidents that can happen to anybody, so PLEASE do not beat yourself up over it! You are still a very caring mummy and have not failed Junior. It was just plain bad luck. It is inevitable and in the nature of a normal grieving process that we look at ways how this accident could have been prevented, but choking can sadly happen with any big bite of any veg, so it is not your fault.

You are welcome to post a tribute in pour Rainbow Bridge section anytime it feels right for you.
Oh my. I'm so sorry to hear that. As people have said one of those freak things that can happen.
Thinking of you and your piggies
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