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My Guinea Pig Has Panic Attacks :(

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Jul 13, 2014
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Western Australia
It will take her sometimes weeks to recover. I will go to pat her and she'll be fine, I'll hold her etc, then occasionally I'll pat her and she will panic. Her body will jolt and she will dart around and sometimes do flips. I am very carefully when I pat her all the time, I'll let her know I'm going to do it by pretending to pat her first, and I've tried patting her under her chin, from her side etc. Sometimes her hutchmate will come along and just brush up beside her and she will freak out. She is on long term medacam for UTIs and I have to take her to the vet Monday to get a new prescription, which I can't et without taking her. I'm worried taking her will set her into a panic. :(
She lives inside.
She used to have occasional panics when she was a baby (so even before being sick). I've never had a pig who's had these attacks before. Beano is the one in my profile pic.
Are you certain she is not popcorning?

If not, then I would get the vet to check her skin if she reacts after you touch her as she could be sensitive from mange mites or a brewing fungal issue.
She is okay with me holding her and touching her skin etc, it's just these days when she panics. She's a great little popcorner, but unfortunately this is from fear, you can see the white all around her pupils. I've tried singing to her, it doesn't seem to help much. It's so sad, because I know she gets so much comfort out of being held, and when she does finally calm down enough to let me (after day/weeks) she purrs a lot and she doesn't usually purr. It doesn't seem to be noise related. I just wish I could make her feel batter. I worry about her having a heart attack or something.
Can you cuddle her somewhere under a blanket where she feels protected and safe? Give her lots of praise and reassurance. If it is a trust/Panic issue, it will take and lots of Patience to work past it. Learn to spot the early signs and hold back when you see her getting stressed.
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