My New Boar

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Feb 21, 2006
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Widnes, Cheshire
Hi there
I got a new boar the other day and just wanted to share the story of his arrival and a pic of him...

We went to this garden centre that has a pet part (where I got Pepsi from) and this big male was in there and had really raggidy ears from bullying but seemed quite happy otherwise.
We went there today and we thought he was alone so we asked to look at him and the guys said they want to home him with his male cage buddy but we said no.
So, had a hold of him (after sexing another for them) and saw that his nails were very overgrown, to the point where his toes were buckling.
I fell in love with him and his raggidy ears weeks ago so we agreed to get him, whilst we were chatting to the guy he and his cage mate were chattering at one another and I pointed this out and he laughed and said "yeah they always do that", which astounded me so we bought him and got him home and whilst cuddling him noticed that he has scabs all up his back from being severley bullied and attacked.
First thing we did was to clip his nails (at least an inch from each nail!) and then bathed him in flea/mite shampoo and because of the scabs we gave him a tiny dose of the antibiotic we have from Lily (she is done with it), just to cover him to heal himself up, put some of Lilys ear drops in to moisten the dry skin on his ears, and then put him in a cage for his two week quarantine.
Its heartbreaking because you cant touch his back because its very pink and obviously very sore and his feet are pink and sore looking and I think his toes must have been cramping because now the nails are clipped and he can stand properly, they seem to be bothering him.
Also had to give his pouch a clean, he had huge pieces of shavings stuck in there poor lad.
So, we might have bought him, but hubby and I are considering him as a rescue pig because the state he is in shows that he has been neglected.
He is gonna get sooo much love and affection and care from here on in.
We have named him Frasier.
They were actually trying to rehome the two boys together, I can only imagine the state he would have been in if they had been left together.
He had been there since we got Maizey, which makes him around 6-7 months old.
Poor lad has suffered in those seven months!
Well not any more!

And here is his picture...



Awww hes lovely. I know how aggressive boars can be so you might have saved his life he'll love you so much!


Awww he is so lovely.

One of my boars Beni has scabs all over him before he came here.
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