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My New Fleece Liners Came!

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Feb 23, 2012
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Bangor, North Wales

My new cage liners from Candecosies have arrived. So happy. My pigs have been on every kind of bedding imaginable and I love fleece, but always found it such a hassle with puppy pad, towels and tucking the fleece, so I finally got myself some fleece liners. I love them already. They were made and delivered very fast. The pigs have been popcorning all over them already. I have a 2x7 cage so I got 2x 2x4 and 2x 2x3 liners.
IMAG1415.jpg IMAG1418.jpg 1427015633976.jpg
they look lovely :luv:

i recently got a small blanket from the same place, but it came open on part of one edge after the first wash! the lady said it has never happened before so i've been the unlucky one.... always me! :evil: :)) got to send it back now to be repaired!
All my fleeces are from c and e cosies and I love them! I've been wanting that cute woodland print for a while now!

It's a shame you have to send yours back to be repaired biscandmatt, but I've been washing mine for over a year and not had any issues, so hopefully yours will be the same when it comes back!
They're adorable. Love the patterns on them. I always said when I get a C&C cage I'll get fleece liners. They look so much easier to manage :)
They seem very well made, hopefully that was just a one of thing @biscandmatt .I suppose with homemade items like that things can go wrong once in a while.
I already know its going to be so much easier when I clean them. Even the sweeping up is easier bacause it stays in place, unlike loose fleece. It cost me a lot, but I am so glad I finally did it.
i'd heard good things about them. just been unlucky i guess. although can't fault their customer service with sorting it out for me so far. hopefully when it's repaired it'll be fine :)
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