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My Tortoises :)

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Oh thank you so much I totally love them! They are so beautiful.
Omg, they are absolutely gorgeous!
Taz looks chuffed to bits with that strawberry, haha
little Nova looks much less impressed. That little face! ee! :luv:
Nova is a lovely little name too!
Thanks everyone!

Nova is a very sassy little lady in about 1 inch long!

Taz is only 5 inches big and he totally enjoyed his "once in a lifetime" fruit treat!


There's my Kiwi, a big girl at a little over 6 inches and about 800 grams! She is being an escape artist here.


And here's a cute sleeping position for Taz!

I wasn't allowed any fur babies which is one of the reasons I got so into tortoises. I love them, but I'm so happy I got to become a guinea pig mom!
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