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My Two Boys Escaped Last Night

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Aug 14, 2012
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Glasgow Scotland
My two cheeky little monkeys escaped out their cage last night ( indoors) and the night before that,
they have worked out if the lift the grid on the c and c cage and drop it then lift again after a few times
it comes loose then they bump it with their nose and the grid falls down :lol!::lol!: little rascals
the lounge looked like they had been up all night partying :D the Houdini brothers haha
Oh no, I think your boys have been hanging out with Ryou and Sakurai. They have escaped three times now. I now have to put corner grip things on the TOP level so it has double the strength.
My Bubble was an expert as escaping from his indoor cage too! He used to be able to get through the small squares in the grids!:eek:
It took me a while to figure out how he was escaping, but I caught him in the act once:))
I'm waiting for Hop to climb out her cage. She's done it in a box there's only a matter of time before she climbs out her cage
the other grids have cable ties on them but one doesn't as the get the run
of the living room all day and night till we go to bed then they get put in their cage :D

Its an electric fence I need for them :lol!:
and little Romeo is having a whale of a time he is trying to do it with the grids that are secure with
ties all the time haha he thinks he lives in willy wonkas chocolate factory and everything
is edible I caught him trying to eat the wallpaper :whistle: I told him no its not flavoured wallpaper :D
Hmm........You can get Velcro cable ties I've seen them in one of the pound shops. That would secure your cage at night and allow you to open it up during the day. Piggies are cheeky aren't they. Lol.
Lol, definitely cheeky wee monkeys.

You should set up a video camera to record them getting free and then have 'The Great Escape' music playing over it.
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