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Need Help Finding Cube Grids!

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Jack Johnson

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Mar 22, 2015
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I have found where to get correx local to me but now I need to find the cube grids! Does any one know any stores which would sell them to save me waiting for online delivery! Thanks
i think they are very difficult to find in shops unfortunately. b&q used to sell them but not sure if they have for a while now.
Apparently they still have them in some costco's, but they are going out of stock. I got mine from Ebay, but they have them on amazon too.
I also got them on amazon because where I live is just impossible to get them. I remember there were a lot of relatively cheap ones sent from the UK, so try to stick to those ones because the shipment usually is pretty expensive because they are quite heavy.
I'm not sure actually, but they aren't online I know that. I kned a few people have managed to pick them up in store.
Display Sense sell the grids on their own, £2.11 each. connectors 75p each, clips £3.19 for 16.
Delivery is a bit steep, though: £7.95
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