Need help with names for baby piggies

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Some of you may have seen my post re: Underweight Babies in the Health and Illness section.

Well Babies are doing really well and are now up to 339g each, and have made so much progress in just 3 days now I think they will make it. So it is time to choose them some names.

Any ideas. One is a cream rex and the other a Smooth coated Red Roan.

My Top 20 names for boars:

- Ashton
- Bertie
- Connor
- Charlie
- Dontay
- Dooli
- Dylan
- Ernie
- Finley
- Fintan
- George
- Harley
- Isaac
- Ivan
- Jake
- Leyland
- Mu
- Tobiah
- Vinni
- Wallace

My Top 20 Names for sows:

- Bonnie
- Cassie
- Ella
- Enna
- Finna
- Grace
- Hallie
- Isabelle
- Lacy
- Layla
- Lilli
- Lola
- Millie
- Mona
- Poppy
- Savannah
- Tinkerbelle
- Tuppence
- Winnie
- Wyona

They are pretty unusual but I like them.

P.S. They are gorgeous piggies. :-*
one on left fudge :) i think it suits him
and the one on the right how about george
r they boys or girls?

glad they are doing so well ;D
Bellona - Means to fight/ to live

Destiny - Means to come through/determined to live..

They pulled through :)
I think the one one the right looks like a hamster so hammy and he one on the right looks like a peachy pink colour so what about pinky hehe other than that i like the peaches and cream idea or maybe you could name them after your favioute desserts, did you say you got them from a pet shop underweight because Griffin is very small and bony so i gave him some veg and gerty x
hmmn some good ideas I am still thinking to. They are both sows btw!
Oh I love Bellona and Destiny - Bellona can be shortened to Belle or Bella. The meanings are just so apt.
Thanks for the name suggestions, I have decided on Peaches for the cream rex and Poppy for the red roan.
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