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Need Help With New Ramp Ideas

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Dec 2, 2014
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My two piggies enjoy nothing more then chewing on their coroplast cage, I brought some folder binders from staples for the main cage which did stop them nibbling at it but they still managed to get around the ramp to the loft and have nearly destroyed it, as its nearly unusable I have been searching for new ideas and would like to try something else not coroplast as I'm sure it's not good for their tummies! Any ideas where to find something suitable?
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the loft in my C&C set up is 1/2 height and I use a folded grid as a ramp - and ramp tunnels ( mine came from C&E Cosies).

anther idea would be to continue to use correx ramps - but cover the correx with fleece ( you could secure the fleece with fold back clips).
Sadly no spare grids, how many come in a pack normally? I could buy some but sounds like a good idea to cover it in fleece. The last pic is of Rita caught in the act, I know when they have been munching as that corner has a pile of poop left as evidence!
I think there is a company on e bay selling wooden ramps for c&c cages.

Naughty piggies munching on the Corex. Why do they LOVE eating the stuff. I wonder if it's like piggie chocolate cake. :luv:
I think there is a company on e bay selling wooden ramps for c&c cages
There is - I've been looking at them recently. The seller is called featuresforcreatures.

I actually use a ramp from a ferplast two tier cage in our C&C cage with a ramp tunnel on top of it. I've contacted the seller on ebay to ask if they'd make me a replacement one of those (basically without the sides). They've replied quickly and said they would - I just need to measure it up.
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