Neuter or get another boar?

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k lts try again my nam is Jacqui,

I hav 3 piggis, 2 girls an 1 boy thy liv sprat but will hopfully b going togthr soon,what am i bst oing gtting him nutr or buying anothr boy,is h to ol now to gt anothr boy to go with him ?hs 9 months w i origonaly hav 2 boys but on turn out to b a girl.Anyway my boy Fr is an abbyssininan if that is how it is splt an also so is on of my girls Htty sh is a tri colour,my othr girl Pnny is a short hair I woul say sh is brown but I'm sur thr will b a mor complicat colour nam for hr lik in rabbits thr is about 10 iff nams for a gry rabbit.Thy gt lots of frsh vg vry ay an thr is ff nothing wrong with thr haring as soon as a start pickingth grass thy squak lik ma.I can't wait for bttr wathr so thy can go out in th garn again though I bring thm in th hous but I on't think thy lik it thy nvr sm rlax Ion't know if it's bcaus thy can smll th cat?

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Hello Jaqui
IF I were you I would get the boy neutered, my thoughts are:
there is no guarantee another boy would bond with yours & if they didn't get on you would have to get another hutch for new boy. BUT if you get him neutered he can go in with the girls and it would (hopefully) be happy families. It would be easier to add another female to the group too.

I have jsut got my first neutered boar to go with a sow who was getting a bit too big for her boots and it such a fantastic relationship they have I wish I had got a neutered boar sooner. I have always had groups of sows whom I adore - the girl & boy pair have a different dynamic.

Also with your boy being 9months he may be going through the terrible teens ::) and may give another little boy a tougher time than is nescessary!


Thankyou is there a certain age restriction for this or can it be done at any time?
I think it will cost about £30 is this right? :)


Good advice from hils. It's what I would give.

Ideally I like to neuter my young boars at 5 months, I've heard of some rescues doing it sooner, but personally I think 5 months is soon enough. Fred will be okay at 9 months.

It's important that you find a good Guinea pig vet, i see you live in the North East of England, pm me if you would like to know the vets I recommend in the area. Though of course ultimately the the choice is yours.
It is between £35.00 and £40.00 in our area. Of course some vets may be charging more.

Good luck and any more questions just ask :)


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Aug 9, 2006
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I have exactly the same dilemma and I'm coming round to neutering my boy. My vets have quoted £70 :o but someone on here has recommended a vets within a reasonable distance for £30.
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