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Neutering, Too Old?

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Hannah Boyd

Junior Guinea Pig
Nov 25, 2014
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Hi, I may be acquiring more piggies, one of which is a single, unneutered boar. I would love for him to have company as we have other groups of females he would be able to join. However, he has just turned 3 and I wonder if this is too old for the op? His brother was done at approx 1 year and 4 months with no complications and successful healing. Any opinions or suggestions? Thank you.
My boy who just turned 3 last August was neutered for medical reasons & he has come through fine. The vet did say he was at greater risk due to his age but not alarmingly so. The rescue where I got my most recent boys from said they neuter boys of all ages without any complications. Very important to get a vet expereinced in this though.
A boar is theoretically never too old for a neutering op, but it depends on the operating skill of the vet/vet team. I know of four year old boars that have been neutered. A five year old sow of mine has had a successful spay - and that is a much more invasive operation.

What you need is either a general vet that is experienced with guinea pig neutering or a small animal specialist; it is the ability to work quickly, but efficiently in a fiddly little place and to minimise the time a piggy is under that is often the crucial bit as to how well a piggy makes it through the op.
thank you for that info, I will definitely think about it for this piggie, he seems quite anxious on his own.
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