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New Arrivals!

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Hi :wel:to the forum...

Gorgeous piggies... :love::drool: Hope to see many more of them... :cool:

We have loads of great care guides on the forum... :nod:

In the meantime can you please add your location to your profile as it helps fellow members give any answers to questions you may have that may be area/country specific. This can be done by clicking on your username, then personal details, then add location......https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk...cation-and-creating-an-avatar-picture.107444/

Lisa & Ali..
Hi and welcome!

Your two little ones are sweet! Are they boys or girls?

You may find these threads here helpful in getting started:

We have got lots of information at the top of our various Care sections, but you are welcome to ask any questions your may have.

As we have members from all over the world, we find it very helpful in adapting our advice and recommendations to what is available and possible for you if you please addedyour country, state or (for the UK) your county or city to your details. Please click on your username on the top bar, then go to personal details and scroll down to location. In the same section you can also upload your avatar; that is the little picture that appears with every post you make.
Thanks guys. Sorry, I should have added some more info.. They are both girls, and seem very relaxed and at home :) I do a lot of wildlife photography, so I'm sure ill have some exciting pictures to show soon :)
Matlida is the scruffy lady! Betty is the smooth haired posh lady!
Wow, your little ones really are quite striking aren't they - gorgeous! Hope to see lots more of them over the forthcoming weeks :)
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