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New Guinea Pigs Seem Thin

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Kerry Rowles

New Born Pup
Jan 30, 2015
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Hi everyone, this is my first post here. About a week ago we bought two male guinea pigs, they are adults but the shop owners were unable to tell us how old they are but by looking at them I would say about a year old. They were both very scared, thin (you could feel there hip bones and spine) and one had a few bald spots. They are settling in really well, have started taking food out of our hands...are eating loads and drinking well, the one who had bald spots has hair growth, you can see the new hairs coming through but they are still skinny. They seem happy enough, active, bright eyed, as I said eating and drinking. I was just wondering how long it would be before they start putting on weight or could there be an underlying problem. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
Hi and welcome!

Please have them checked by a piggy savvy vet! They sound neglected and should urgently get a full check over, including their back teeth. The bald spots are most likely either caused by mange mites or fungal or a combination of both, but you will need a proper diagnosis. Your boys will need good quality products for any issues, so please do not treat on spec with low dosed shop products that could make things worse rather than better! You can try to claim your vet cost back from the shop.
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It can take a few weeks until a good diet is filtering through into the body, but it is not unknown that guinea pigs from a bad background suddenly have a noticeable weight gain and delayed growth spurt once the deficit has been made up and any excess can be stored in the body. Please weigh your boys weekly throughout their lives. Please don't be tempted to stuff your boys; they will do better in the long term if you just keep them on a good diet with plenty of fibre for good health that comes from the inside out.

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