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New Hutch Is Here!

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Lady Kelly

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Jan 11, 2011
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The new hutch arrived on Thursday and while I have been at the hairdressers this morning the OH has been building it up and is now in the process of cutting out a bush and laying a few extra slabs to give them their own garden space which is much more sheltered and closer to us. We went for the 6ft Chartwell in the end and it looks really good so far, will take a pic later and aim to move the piggies over this afternoon during their big weekend cage clean and see what they think about it.
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Here's the new set up. The OH is going to make a new wooden house for their downstairs bit which I can fill with hay too. Peter ventured out for a quick drink but at the moment they love the huge room at the top filled with hay and I can hear them squeaking away in there!
Wow. That's looks great. I'm certain they will love their new home!
I'm really pleased, it seems quite sturdy and as its designed with rabbits in mind the arch to the bedding area is big (which is lucky seeing as Peter seems to be expanding in the bum area!)
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