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New Owner Advice :-)

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Feb 1, 2015
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Rochford, Essex
Hi all,

We will shortly (in about three weeks) be adopting two baby piggies.

The plan is for them to live in an outside hutch placed within a large shed. It's brand new so totally weather proof. Initially I liked the look of the two storey hutches with ramps but on further research it seems as though a lot of piggies don't get on so well with the ramp and I don't want my babies hurting themselves. I've therefore decided to get a good sized single storey hutch. Does this sound ok?

I'll also be purchasing a separate run and hidey house for their exercise. My main question is around how long I should be allowing them to stay out in this cold weather each day? Also is it better for the run to be placed on the patio at this time of year due to the damp or is grass better regardless?

I'm lucky enough to be a stay at home mum so will be able to quickly get them inside in rain or snow.

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,
Piggies shouldn't be in outdoor runs until summer now. Pigs feel cold and uncomfortable below 15 degrees.
Thank you, will they be happy in their hutch and inside for cuddles (once settled in) or should I get an indoor run to allow them to stretch their legs?
You could get an outdoor/indoor run that's multipurpose, it'd be good if you can let them have a run indoors.
Although I must stress that your shed should be heated, and that bringing them indoors may not be good for them as extremes in temperature can cause illness.

Also, do they already live outside? If not I believe integration is needed.
I keep my pigs outside because of landlord until we move in Spring. They have a scratch and newton cover, are inside a shed/ garage with no car, have house insulation, bubble wrap over hutch doors to block draughts, 2 snugglesafe microwaveable heat pads, and space blanket - emergency blanket from poundland which reflects piggy and heatpads heat.
Hope this is useful!
Oh, hi and :wel:!:)
I second the snugglesafe heat pads. My girls absolutely love them and snuggle together on them. They're indoors currently until it gets a bit warmer outside. Even then I'm trying to convince my sister to swap bedrooms with me so they can get C&C cage and stay indoors :)

Just make sure they stay really snug if they're going to be outside. Make sure no damp or draughts can get into the cage ect.
Hi :wel:to the forum..

It's great that you have decided to adopt two piggies. Because you say that they are babies they won't be able to acclimatise to an outside environment until they are much older.It is better that you keep them inside until the weather becomes much warmer. Because we live in Scotland our piggies don't normally go outside except in the summer (if we ever have one!). There are other benefits of keeping them inside as you will be able to interact with them and build a bond with them much more quickly.

We have loads of great care guides on the forum which will no doubt generate some questions for you to ask. Just start a thread in the appropriate section and our friendly members will get back to you.

In the meantime can you please add your location to your profile as it helps fellow members give any answers to questions you may have that may be area/country specific. This can be done by clicking on your username, then personal details, then add location......

Lisa & Ali..
Sadly, for various reasons, having them indoors isn't really a viable option. However I believe they live in a similar protected outdoor environment so it shouldn't be a huge shock. I'm obviously happy to take the necessary steps to insulate their hutch and will be getting the microwaveable pads which I'll happily warm as many times a day as necessary.
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